Village Entry Signs


Where is the funding for this project coming from? 


The NSW Government through is funding this project through the Stronger Country Communities Fund

"Attracting new residents and visitors" is one purpose of this funding. Council has decided that new signage is one way to do this, whilst creating an identity for each of the villages. 

Yes there are several projects that are being funded by this fund, these projects include:

  • Tenterfield Shire- Vibrant and Connected
    • Village entry signage
    • Various other village improvements
  • The Tenterfield Archery Shelter Area
  • Tenterfield Memorial Hall Sporting Complex 
  • Playground Enhancements
    • Woodward Park, Allison Street, Drake
    • Captain Cook Park, Urban Street, Urbenville
  • Liston Community Hall Toilets and Games Room Extension
  • Tenterfield Town Centre Revitalisation- Phase 2
  • Toilet Block Enhancements at Urbenville and Legume 
  • Shirley Park Amenity Refurbishment and Tenterfield Rugby Park Fencing

See some of these projects outlined on the embedded map on the NSW Governments website